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william hung Quotes

William Hung Quotes

Birth Date: 1983-01-13 (Thursday, January 13th, 1983)



    • 'I already gave my best, and I have no regrets at all.' (American Idol)
    • ??????,?????!? (From a Chinese skimming drink advertisement)
    • 'I have had no professional training.'
    • 'Not a bad singer, but a beginner' (When he was interviewed)
    • 'I have no professional training in singing and dancing whatsoever.'
    • 'I go to U.C. Berkeley and I'm studying engineering, which is totally not related to music, but I really like music. I want to make music my living.'
    • 'She bangs, she bangs...' (Singing Ricky Martin's, She Bangs)
    • 'They call me Hong Kong Ricky Martin, which is funny because I'm from Hong Kong, and I sing Ricky Martin song.'
    • william hung

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