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winthrop mackworth praed Quotes

Winthrop Mackworth Praed Quotes

Date of Death: 1839-07-15 (Monday, July 15th, 1839)



    • And oh! I shall find how, day by day, All thoughts and things look older; How the laugh of pleasure grows less gay, And the heart of friendship colder.
    • She was our queen, our rose, our star; And then she danced-O Heaven, her dancing!
    • Some lie beneath the churchyard stone, And some before the speaker.
    • I remember, I remember How my childhood fleeted by,- The mirth of its December And the warmth of its July.
    • His partners at the whist-club said That he was faultless in his dealings.
    • Dame Fortune is a fickle gipsy, And always blind, and often tipsy; Sometimes for years and years together, She 'll bless you with the sunniest weather, Bestowing honour, pudding, pence, You can't imagine why or whence;- Then in a moment-Presto, pass!- Your joys are withered like the grass;
    • John Bull was beat at Waterloo! They'll swear to that in France.
    • Of science and logic he chatters, As fine and as fast as he can; Though I am no judge of such matters, I'm sure he's a talented man.
    • winthrop mackworth praed

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