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yuri gagarin Quotes

Yuri Gagarin Quotes

Birth Date: 1934-03-09 (Friday, March 9th, 1934)
Date of Death: 1968-03-27 (Wednesday, March 27th, 1968)


yuri gagarin life timeline

Yuri Gagarin becomes the first human to travel into outer space in Vostok 3KA-2 (Vostok 1).Wednesday, April 12th, 1961
Yuri Gagarin is greeted by mass crowds and Khrushchev in Red Square following his historic first space flight on 12th AprilFriday, April 14th, 1961
Yuri Gagarin, Soviet Cosmonaut, first human in space dies in aircraft training accident.Wednesday, March 27th, 1968


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    • I looked and looked but I didn't see God.
    • I don't see any god up here.
    • I am a friend, comrades, a friend!
    • What beauty. I saw clouds and their light shadows on the distant dear earth.... The water looked like darkish, slightly gleaming spots.... When I watched the horizon, I saw the abrupt, contrasting transition from the earth's light-colored surface to the absolutely black sky. I enjoyed the rich color spectrum of the earth. It is surrounded by a light blue aureole that gradually darkens, becoming turquiose, dark blue, violet, and finally coal black.
    • When they saw me in my space suit and the parachute dragging alongside as I walked, they started to back away in fear. I told them, don't be afraid, I am a Soviet like you, who has descended from space and I must find a telephone to call Moscow! [2]
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