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yvor winters Quotes

Yvor Winters Quotes

Date of Death: 1968-01-26 (Friday, January 26th, 1968)



    • By practice and conviction formed, With ancient stubbornness ingrained, Although her body clung and swarmed, My own identity remained.
    • And you are here beside me, small, Contained and fragile, and intent On things that I but half recall-
    • The rain of matter upon sense Destroys me momently. The score: There comes what will come.
    • Metal, intrinsic value, deep and dense, Preanimate, inimitable, still, Real, but an evil with no human sense, Dispersed the mind to concentrate the will.
    • What calm catastrophe will yet assuage This final drouth of penitential tears?
    • The land is numb. It stands beneath the feet, and one may come Walking securely, till the sea extends Its limber margin, and precision ends.
    • yvor winters

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