hans blix Quotes

Hans Blix Quotes

Birth Date: 1928-06-28 (Thursday, June 28th, 1928)

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Hans Blix assumes the position of Executive Chairman of UNMOVIC.Wednesday, March 1st, 2000
Iraq disarmament crisis: United Nations weapons inspectors led by Hans Blix arrive in Iraq.Monday, November 18th, 2002


    • It was to do with information management. The intention was to dramatise it.
    • I found it peculiar that those who wanted to take military action could - with 100 per cent certainty - know that the weapons existed and turn out to have zero knowledge of where they were.
    • I have my detractors in Washington. There are bastards who spread things around, of course, who planted nasty things in the media.
    • : there are people in this administration who say they don't care if the UN sinks under the East river, and other crude things:
    • It's true the Iraqis misbehaved and had no credibility but that doesn't necessarily mean that they were in the wrong.
    • But in the Middle Ages people were convinced there were witches. They looked for them and they certainly found them.
    • There was a very consistent creation of a virtual reality, and eventually it collided with our old-fashioned, ordinary reality.
    • Personally, Mr. Blix is amiable and has a sense of humor; politically he is weak and easily fooled. I can think of few European officials less suitable for a showdown with Saddam. Indeed, it is with utter disbelief that I watch television news about Mr. Blix's negotiations with the Iraqi dictator's henchmen. [...] Regardless of how this crisis develops from this point, the United Nations has neglected its duties by asking a wimp to lead the inspectors who are supposed to stand up to the brute of Baghdad.
    • 'He's as reliable as a Volvo.' Colin Powell
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