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rena mero Quotes
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Rena Mero Quotes

Birth Date: 1967-08-08 (Tuesday, August 8th, 1967)


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Two-thirds of Florence, Italy is submerged as the Arno rivers flood; considering also the contemporary flood of Po River in northern Italy, 113 people die, 30,000 are rendered homeless, and numerous Renaissance artworks and books are destroyed.Friday, November 4th, 1966


    • 'Get your butt over here!'
    • 'It's time to drop the 'Sable Bomb' on ya!'
    • Torrie Wilson (in the shower): 'Have you seen my towel?
    • Sable: 'It's right over here. Come and get it.'
    • 'You are a one terrific athlete' (to Torrie Wilson)
    • 'You wanna a piece of me?!'
    • 'Whaddya think now?!'
    • 'I am no man's property!'
    • 'This is for all the men who wanna see me, and for all the women...who want to BE me!'
    • 'We never used sex to enhance our image.' (During the WWF 1999 commercial)
    • rena mero

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