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anna comnena Quotes

Anna Comnena Quotes

Birth Date: 1083-12-01 (Saturday, December 1st, 1083)



    • One such was that braggart Robert, notorious for his power-lust, born in Normandy, but nursed and nourished by manifold Evil.
    • Constantine was Nautre's masterpiece, a triumph, as it were, of God's handiwork. One look at him would convince anyone that here was a descendant of the mythical Golden Age of the Greeks, so infinite was his charm.
    • While the abominable pope with his spiritual peace and evangelic peace, this despot, marched to make war on his own kindred with might and main - the man of peace, too, and disciple of the Man of Peace!
    • Father and son you might liken to caterpillars and locusts, for what was left by Robert, his son fed on and devoured.
    • anna comnena

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