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craig david Quotes

Craig David Quotes

Birth Date: 1981-05-05 (Tuesday, May 5th, 1981)



    • I met this girl on Monday Took her for a drink on Tuesday We were making love by Wednesday And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday We chilled on Sunday.
    • I was checking this girl next door When her parents went out She phoned said hey boy, come on right around So I knock at the door You was standing with a bottle of red wine Ready to pour Dressed in long black Satin and Lace to the floor
    • i like the way you move your body girl i must admit you're looking real fit let's chill for a little bit i know you wanna get with me girl you know i'm not free
    • I go down to Blooms for kosher food. I can go anywhere. People don't notice you if you go about your business. It's only if you make a big scene.
    • If you play the tabloid game you get burned. I'd rather say nothing at all and let things roll. You just have to ride those things out.
    • David, who recently returned to his roots when he bought a house in Hampstead - bang in the middle of the North-West London Jewish heartland - could not be more Jewish if he hung a Star Of David round his neck and spent Friday nights saying kiddush.
    • craig david

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