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skye sweetnam Quotes

Skye Sweetnam Quotes

Birth Date: 1988-05-05 (Thursday, May 5th, 1988)



    • I think acting is something that I want to make sure that, if I do make that transition, I want to make sure that it's really dramatic, and put my energy into acting, you know, fully instead of trying to balance a whole lot of things at once, 'cause I really don't want to become one of those singer-trying-to-be-actor-but-didn't-really-work kind of thing.
    • I don't know, it's not like I was thinking about it being my trademark or whatever it is. I mean I don't think I'll get it removed or anything. But, I don't know - it's part of me, I'm used to it.
    • We caught a lot of people off guard, which is cool. And I think we made things more enjoyable for the boyfriends who had been dragged to the concert.
    • Our bios are sort of similar, but guys in rock bands all wear T-shirts and jeans and nobody ever says they're all the same.
    • If things blow up then that's awesome and if things don't, I still can live a normal life and be able to go to the grocery store without people following me.
    • I like being very loud and noisy, as the title of my album says.
    • I co-wrote all the songs on my album, and co-produced a lot of them as well, So being involved in the creative aspect and not just singing is so important to me because, above everything, I love to create and I love to express myself.
    • To me, song writing is so therapeutic, it's just part of my life and I can't go through the day without having some kind of song idea pop into my head where I have to write Sharpie all over my arm trying to remember the song idea.
    • Performing, for me, is like oxygen. Performing, for me, is like the only thing that is a constant in my life, because you're in all different places doing all different things, but when I get up on stage, that's where I know exactly what to do, that's where I own it.
    • Was Ashlee Simpson nice to me? Yes. She said 'hi' very clearly in a nice voice!
    • You wanna know more, more, more about me I'm the girl who's kicking the coke machine
    • Wake up tired, Monday mornings suck, It's way too early to catch a bus, Why conform without a fuss, Daddy Daddy, no, I don't wanna go to school, woo!
    • Wrap me up so superficial Tied up nicely with a bow
    • Bubble gum brainiac Baby girl, ultra brat Angst Schmangst No thanks Hope my record doesn't tank Sailor moon, Rainbow brite Anime,Avril lite Pro tools all the way Hey,hey,hey,hey
    • I sit Biting On the End of my pen Chewing It up Just like It was your head
    • It's when you watch TV
    • And when they told her she's delirious
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