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dave ockun Quotes

Dave Ockun Quotes

Birth Date: 1976-08-16 (Monday, August 16th, 1976)



    • Every time I do an arena show I spend some time in the morning looking at a room filled w/empty seats. 12-14 hours later, after all is setup and the band is onstage I look into those same seats now occupied by fans having a great time. What a rush!
    • Opportunists, fakes, flakes.... They have no room in my life. I've been around enough shit in life. When the doors closed, it's hard for it to ever pop open again.
    • Someone once told me a long time ago that dreams were meant to come true. I believe that! Always have, and always will. Some are much harder to achieve then others, but if one puts their mind to the test and takes the proper steps to achieve those dreams, the payback is priceless.
    • The best way to make history is to invent it.
    • Because somebody else is wrong, doesn't mean you have to be.
    • dave ockun

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