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elizabeth bath Quotes

Elizabeth Bath Quotes

Birth Date: 1560-08-07 (Sunday, August 7th, 1560)
Date of Death: 1614-08-21 (Thursday, August 21st, 1614)


elizabeth bath life timeline

Elizabeth Bathory s crimes are uncovered.Saturday, December 26th, 1620


    • Forever seeking, never found, In this wide varied scene; Sole object of unceasing search, While in this low terrene. Yet vain the search, if in the heart Some lurking passion dwell; For this will hang with cypress wreath Retirement's secret cell. In vain the outward scene is calm, In vain the world we fly; If thou, in pure religion's garb, Thy friendly aid deny.
    • Why , alas! is life decreed Full of pain and full of sorrow? All uncertain as it is, Can we rest upon to-morrow? Why should blessings yet in store, Hold us still in expectation? Leading thro' succeeding sorrows, By some fond anticipation: 'Tis to give a tender interest To the scenes in which we're moving: While those hopes so often blasted, Sensual pleasures are reproving.
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