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franz grillparzer Quotes

Franz Grillparzer Quotes

Birth Date: 1791-01-15 (Saturday, January 15th, 1791)
Date of Death: 1872-01-21 (Sunday, January 21st, 1872)



    • Let the famous not denounce fame. Far from being empty and meaningless, it fills those it touches with divine power.
    • Why do comparisons of words and tone poems (poetry and music) never take into consideration that the word is a mere signifier, but that the sound, aside from being a signifier, is also an object?
    • When mundane, lowly activities are at stake, too much insight is detrimental-far-sightedness errs in immediate concerns.
    • I'd wish the government took honest people into consideration, it shows enough consideration for scoundrels.
    • I love the pride whose measure is its own eminence and not the insignificance of someone else.
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Franz Grillparzer

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