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kathy najimy Quotes

Kathy Najimy Quotes

Birth Date: 1957-02-06 (Wednesday, February 6th, 1957)



    • First and foremost, I'm a feminist. And basically that stems from a strong belief that all people and creatures deserve equal opportunity, rights and respect.
    • My mom made me a belly dancing outfit out of an old bathing suit and some chiffon...and for years I used my belly dancing as a marketing tool. Whenever my uncle Fred would come over and have a few too many shots of ARAK, I'd put on the outfit and dance around for some extra pocket change.
    • I want to be a Mrs. Kenny Rogers kind of woman. You know... the kind of lady he sings about: 'Oh Lady, I was just scum in the sewer until you came along and made me a man.' With hair that's light, but not really blonde, that would be too cheap. Instead, sort of a wheat-and-sunstreaked affair with not a lot of hairspray. A ninety-five dollar cut that looks like your hair just naturally grows out of your head like that. The kind of woman who always, no matter what, has that I-understand-and-am-knowing-without-being-threatening kind of always smile.
    • When I got my salt scrub today, the woman doing it said 'Yes, in fact about 30% of our clientele are men. But mostly, they are Divorced Rich Beverly Hills Ladies.' And I thought (not out loud) who were these ladies? These 'ladies' were not born like that were they? Not destined to face lifts and peels, loneliness, tight lips and hard hair. No, in fact, hey were born free and beautiful and confident. And hopeful and anxious to find love. They only became Divorced Rich Beverly Hills Ladies because their rich husbands dropped them for someone more fuckable: maybe someone with long straight natural hair and thin legs who wears shorts and t- shirts with ease. Maybe a young photographer or writer. Someone interesting. No, the Divorced Rich Beverly Hills Ladies were too busy having and raising children, and too busy buying him gold toe socks at Barneys to become interesting.
    • I think I became an animal rights activist for two reasons. One is that my best friend, the one that has lived with me and loved me the longest... is my dog Al Finney. Someone told me once that animals don't have hearts and souls...Well ,if that is true, then I have loved and been madly loved, and comforted by a stuffed animal for the last 15 years.
    • kathy najimy

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