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margaret caroline anderson Quotes

Margaret Caroline Anderson Quotes

Birth Date: 1886-11-24 (Wednesday, November 24th, 1886)
Date of Death: 1973-10-18 (Thursday, October 18th, 1973)



    • It has been years since I have seen anyone who could even look as if he were in love. No one's face lights up any more except for political conversation.
    • Intellectuals are too sentimental for me.
    • Life seems to be an experience in ascending and descending. You think you're beginning to live for a single aim-for self-development, or the discovery of cosmic truths-when all you're really doing is to move from place to place as if devoted primarily to real estate.
    • People with heavy physical vibrations rule the world.
    • How can anyone be interested in war?-that glorious pursuit of annihilation with its ceremonious bellowings and trumpetings over the mangling of human bones and muscles and organs and eyes, its inconceivable agonies which could have been prevented by a few well- chosen, reasonable words. How, why, did this unnecessary business begin? Why does anyone want to read about it-this redundant human madness which men accept as inevitable?
    • margaret caroline anderson

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