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walther von brauchitsch Quotes

Walther von Brauchitsch Quotes

Birth Date: 1881-10-04 (Tuesday, October 4th, 1881)
Date of Death: 1948-10-18 (Monday, October 18th, 1948)



    • Soldiers! The great battle in the Vistula sector is finished. The Polish Army is annihilated. The operations against Poland are thus concluded.
    • The German Army is tired. The vain effort to defeat Russia's armies has used up its equipment and reduced its morale.
    • I myself won't do anything, but I won't stop anyone else from acting.
    • Hitler is still such a popular man; we are afraid of the Hitler myth. We want to give to the German people and to the world the final proof by means of the Supreme Court-Martial and its verdict.
    • I hope nothing will occur that would create the possibility abroad of making atrocity propaganda out of these events.
    • walther von brauchitsch

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