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mick foley Quotes

Mick Foley Quotes

Birth Date: 1965-06-07 (Monday, June 7th, 1965)



    • Bang bang bang, on the door baby!
    • Bang bang! You're dead!
    • Bang bang!
    • Candido I'll beat your ass thats my creedo, I really think I'll make you bleed-o, Candido, Worse than Rocky to Apollo Creed-o, And on these fists like rocks he will feed-o as though they were two giant Cheedo's And when my mission is complete-o.. I'll see a skid inside his speedos, cause I'm going to beat Candido. Bang Bang.
    • Candido, oh Candido, I'll beat you up, I'll make you bleed-o Like Rocky did Apollo Creed-o Oh Candido I'll scare you stiff, oh yes indeed-o, You'll leave a skid mark inside your speedo Oh Candido.
    • Look! I can't even wear glasses because my ear is missing. I'm hardcore! I'm hardcore!
    • That sounds good let me just put this pen behind my ea--whoops! It fell because I'm hardcore! I'm hardcore! I'm hardcore!
    • More than anything else in that ECW dressing room, Tommy Dreamer, maybe more than anybody else in the wrestling industry, you are willing to pay the price: to sweat, to bleed, to suffer. You're willing to bare that cross and I said 'Tommy, don't do it.' Because, you see, in order to sacrifice and bare that cross for them, it means I've got to suffer too, and I'm telling you from the voice of experience that they're not worth it, Tommy. They're not worth it! You see, you've got the choice, not me. I've made my bed of nails, and I've got no other choice but to be powerbombed on it! But you see Tommy, the world is smiling at you, the wrestling business is smiling at you, and don't you frown back on it! I'm going to take you back to a very deciding point in my life--a time when I believed in something. A time when I thought that my face and my name made a difference. Do you remember the night, Tommy Dreamer, because it's embedded in my skull, it's embedded in my heart, and it's embedded in every nightmare that I will ever have. As Terry Funk took a broken bottle and began slicing and dicing Cactus Jack, the pain was so much that I'll be honest with you Tommy. The pain was so much that I wanted to say I quit, Terry Funk, I give, I wave the flag, and I'm a coward--just please don't hurt me anymore. Then I saw my saving grace. You see, Tommy, I looked out in that audience, my adoring crowd, and I saw two simple words that changed my life. 'Cane Dewey.' Somebody had taken the time and the effort and the thought to make a sign that said, 'Cane Dewey' and I saw other people around, as every moment in my life stopped and focused in on that sign and the pain that shot through my body became distant memory--replaced by the pain that will be embedded in my skull 'til my dying day! 'Cane Dewey.' 'Cane Dewey.' Dewey Foley is a three-year-old boy, you sick sons of bitches! You ripped out my heart, you ripped out my soul, you took everything I believed in and you flushed it down the damn toilet. You flushed my heart, you flushed my soul, and now it sickens me to sit back and see other people making the same mistake. You see, Tommy Dreamer I have to listen to my little boy say every day of my life 'Daddy, I miss Atlanta,' and I say, 'That's too bad son, because your dad traded in the Victorian house for a sweatbox on Long Island. Your Dad traded in a hundred-thousand dollar contract, guaranteed money, insurance, respect and the name on the dotted line of the greatest man in the world - to work for a scumbag who operates out of a little pissant pawn shop in Philadelphia.' You don't expect me to be bitter? Tommy, when you open your heart, when you open you soul, and it gets shit on, it tends to make Jack a very mean boy. and so, I say to you--before I take these aggressions out on you--to look at your future and realize that the hardcore life is a lie, that these letters behind me are a blatant lie, that those fans who sit there and say 'He's Hardcore He's Hardcore He's Hardcore', wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire, you selfish son of a bitch! But, I want you to understand Tommy though he's hurt you time and time again, deep in his heart, Raven wants you to understand that the hatred I have in here is not for you. No, no--far removed. You see, Tommy, I'm not doing this because I hate you--I love you, man! I only want the best for you--but when I hear that WCW called up your number and you said, 'No thank you' -- well, it makes my blood run cold. As cold as that night in the ECW arena. And so I have got a moral obligation - you see Tommy, I'm on the path of the righteousness and righteous men wield a lot of power. So if I've got to drag you by your face to that telephone call and dial collect and say, 'Hello Eric, it's me, Cactus, and though I know I've burned my bridge, and I'll never be taken back with open arms--I've got a wrestler who would gladly trade in his ECW shirt for a pair of green suspenders.' And Tommy, just think of that sound in your ear when Eric says, 'Welcome home, Tommy Dreamer, welcome home.' I love being right.'
    • But what's it really done? Where have we really come to? Lying in a hospital bed in Munich, Germany, watching my ear being thrown out into a garbage can, not being able to take it on the trip back because I don't know the German word for formaldehyde, and having a nurse walk into my room, looking at that piece of my body that's laying in the bottom of the garbage, and saying 'es ist alles ein Schauspiel', which means it's all a big joke. Excuse me, I didn't know, do you open up the lungs of a smoker and say 'oh my golly, I thought smoking was supposed to be good for you?!' Do you open up Terry Funk's non functioning liver and say, 'Oh! I didn't know that four decades of heavy drinking took this kind of toll?!' So if they show that much respect to the patients, then what made me any different? Because I was a wrestler. And professional wrestling will never be respected, no matter how many teeth I lose, no matter how many ears I lose, no matter how many brain cells have to die!'
    • Owww, have mercy!
    • Owwww Steve-o looks like you could be looking for a little help like maybe a Tag team partner!, now I can understand you not wanting to team with that scraggy looking Mankind, but you never said nothin' about not teaming with 'The Hippest Cat in the land', Steve-o! baby!, It's me Dude Love and I'm Comin' to save the day Owww have mercy!
    • Have a nice day!
    • :and for the dozens:and dozens of Mankind fans:
    • Mr Socko!!, Say hello to Mr Socko!, Mr Socko heard you (Vince McMahon) was feeling pretty bad so he came here to give your boo-boo a big kiss!
    • Say hello to Mr. Socko!
    • This will be fun for me but not for you!
    • Why can't we just.. get along?
    • It's a really nice day, isn't it?
    • Have you met my friend, Mr. Socko?
    • You can't beat me. I'm invincible!
    • It doesn't matter how I feel Michael Cole!
    • We're trying to make the world a better place for Mankind. (During the WWF 1999 commercial)
    • Mankind's looking good he's showing a lot of testicular fortitude!
    • Oh Carlito what you did last week wasn't cool or neat-o, So I guess I'll have to make you bleed-o, or if your in the mood for cotton tacos say Hello to Mr Socko, and when the match is all complete-o you'll leave skid marks inside your speedo, Have a nice day!
    • The time has come, to relieve that pain, which will be better for me, but not enjoyable for all of you!
    • On the eighth day, God created Mankind. Why was he having such a bad day? Why did he create all of you normal and forget so many important parts of me!? He made the teeth that I swallowed... The ear that was ripped from my skull! A face that no longer exists! Deep inside, you are merely a mirror image of all my atrocities! The ugliness that exists outside, lives inside every one of you!
    • Destruction can be beautiful!
    • Leave the light on, I'm coming home!
    • Undertaker...I'm gonna eat you alive! Have a nice day!
    • Why do you make me hurt you???
    • The WWF will never be the same! Stone Cold you will never be the same! and I will never be the same!
    • :and that is final!
    • ...right here in [insert city and US states name]
    • Welcome to Anaheim, California, my fellow broken-down, washed-up wrestler.
    • Moonpies Rule!
    • [to Randy Orton]: 'I'm going to unleash on you the kind of bloodshed normally reserved for Mel Gibson Biblical epics.'
    • [to Randy Orton]: 'Listen to me, you little bastard. I was spilling blood on six continents while you were still latched onto your mother's breast!'
    • [to La Resistance]: 'I like French things.I like French fries, French toast, hell, I even like French's mustard'
    • ...I challenge you to another match, where there are no rules, no disqualification, and there are no excuses. You and me... at wrestlemania... in a Hardcore Match!!!
    • Edge I will like to thank you for bringing me back the hardcore legend!
    • Edge you are gonna realize that the truth hurts, bang! bang!
    • You brought back a monster that was sleeping way too long!
    • You've brought back the hardcore legend, Cactus Jack!
    • When you die, I will spit on your own grave! (To Terry Funk)
    • I don't need a second rate ECW member (Tommy Dreamer) ruining the WWE! (To Terry Funk)
    • Edge and I made hardcore history at Wrestlemania 22!
    • There are three things I honor: The honor of my wife, the honor of my children, and the honor of my hardcore legacy!
    • Did you see Melina and I at the See No Evil Premiere?!
    • ECW has a nasty smell, just like Texas! (To Terry Funk)
    • You love me like a son, then why weren't you there when Stone Cold Steve Austin awarded me the hardcore championship on my special night?! (To Terry Funk)
    • I am not a bad guy!
    • It's great to be here in Las Vegas! Actually Las Vegas is really not that great...
    • I didn't become a 3 time WWE champion and a two time best selling author just for sticking a coin in a slot machine! I earned it! (To Las Vegas)
    • I loved ECW, back in the days when it was run by a visionary, when it was owned by a true creative genius. Let's hear it for Stephanie McMahon. Long live the Alliance! Long live the Alliance!
    • I admit it, I sold out!.......I sold out Madison Square Garden YEAAAH!
    • Hey, you can't boo me! I'm Mick Foley! I'm the human muppet!
    • (To Ric Flair) Nature Boy, it's me, Mick Foley. I'm gonna send this message out to you directly. I guess it's a rebuttal of sorts in return for the claims you made against me two weeks ago on RAW. The first claim I'd like to address is that I took the easy way out in everything during my entire career, a claim that strikes me as quite odd, coming from a guy who's claim to authorship consisted solely of talking out the side of his ass while drinking heavily for a couple of days, having a professional ghost writer record the conversations and then write down things in a book, and then Ric Flair of course slaps his name on the cover of that book and calls himself an author. Strikes me as being funny seeing as how I actually spent months laboring for hundreds of hours, seven hundred and sixty pages of handwritten notebook paper pouring my heart and soul out to what would become a New York Times number one bestseller, a towering bestseller, Have a Nice Day, in which I made claims that Ric Flair may have been a less than ideal person to work for back in the mid 1990s in WCW. You see, Ric, I wanna bring you back to a time, Munich, Germany, in March of 1994 when you were my boss. Who's kidding who, Ric? You were in charge of my career! And on that night, I got my head tangled up in ropes that were a little bit too tight. I saw blood spattering on the blue mats outside. And I got back inside that ring and I threw a punch and you know what happened? My ear fell off! It fell to the ground! And by some fluke, a referee who spoke no English picked it up, handed it off to a ring announcer who tip-toed to the back. He handed it to you, Ric Flair, and said 'I've got Cactus Jack's ear,' (Remember that name, Ric?) 'What do you want me to do with it?' And Ric Flair suggested we put that ear in a bag of ice. And then Ric, you went outside and you know what you saw? Me! In the ring! Still wrestling! Does that strike you as the easy way out?! I'm a guy who travelled a thousand miles round-trip every week to learn this trade! Slept in my car! Dined on peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches 'til I felt like puking! To learn, from the bottom up, and then I get accused of not knowing how to wrestle by a guy who's main wrestling hold these days is touching another man's genitalia! Oh yeah, heading into Vengeance, Ric, I hadn't been in fear of another man since I had been an alter boy. And then you had the nerve to say oh, you've wrestled every bad-ass there is, and I'm not one of 'em! Well tell me this, Ric, how much worse could they have messed you up? These imaginary bad-asses from your past. How much worse could they have made you bleed? How much more could your family have cried? And now you wanna stand there and say 'when you get in the ring with me it's gonna be all night long, all day long.' Find a new cliche, you used up hack! Because on that day, when I saw your family cry, the space you occupied in my mind for fourteen years was gone. You no longer matter to me, Ric. You brag about your sixteen titles all you want, but I got titles of my own that count. I'm the hardcore legend! I'm a three-time WWE Champion! I'm a two-time New York Times number one bestselling author written by hand! With my mind, my heart, my desire! I've been interviewed twice by Katie Couric, and I'm a personal friend of Melina. And you, Ric Flair, whether you like it, WOOO!, or whether you don't, learn to live with it, because you get no rematch. YOU'RE OUT OF MY LIFE, YOU WASHED UP PIECE OF CRAP! YEAH~!
    • [Promo from July 17th 2006] Hello out there to all my fans right there in San Antonio, Texas! It's me Mick Foley in the WWE Studios and I know what a lot of you are thinking. You're thinking: Isn't that the shirt Mick wore when he was interviewed by Katie Couric on Halloween a few years ago? You're darn right it is, but I'm not here to talk about Katie Couric right now, or the beautiful Melina for that matter. I'm here to talk about the Nature Boy! Whooo! Ric Flair and comments he made about me. You see Ric was on the show last Monday actually bragging about beating me two straight falls in a two out of three falls match. You see Ric, I have a different take on things, you see I seem to remember you bludgeoned, bloody with your family in tears, which begs the question: Just what world do you inhabit Ric, where all those things can be construed as a positive!? How much worse could it have possibly have gotten!? Are you really under the impression I was trying to win the match? Because if I had been, I would have! The barbwired bat under the ring was no accident Ric. From the very get go I intended to leave you lay and that is exactly what I did. And you're out there saying Mick Foley posing a challenge, anywhere, anyplace any match of you're choosing. Well let me see... uh... I don't want to wrestle you anywhere, anyplace, in any type of match ever! What part of 'no rematch' do you not understand! Let me put it in the words of a famous song: A no, no, no, no, a no, no, no, no, a no, no, no, NO REMATCH RIC! YEAH!
    • [Second promo from the same night] Hello everybody, it's Mick Foley again in the WWE Studios and since we're live and since nobody can really stop me, I thought I'd give a shout out to my good friend Melina. Great match on Monday, I was really proud of you. But I'm really not here to talk about a Monday match, I'm here to talk about Ric Flair's hardcore match with the Big Show on ECW. And Ric, I was impressed. I mean you got down, you got dirty, you got hardcore! You broke out the barb wire bat! You used thumbtacks, laying in a pile of them and as it turns out, you did it all in vain Ric. Because no matter what you do, no matter what you say, no matter how badly you wish I could grow something you could check out first hand, you get no rematch! See, three things happened at Vengeance Ric, I came, I saw, I kicked your old ass! And I have nothing left to prove to you! Now if you really want to me like Mick Foley, don't stop with the barb wire and thumbtacks. Wear a flannel on TV next week, drive a used mini-van, and sit in seat 26C next to the crapper! Or repeat after me as a paraphrase and old Michael Jackson song: He's out of my life, damned indecision and cursed pride. And it cuts like a knife, YOU'RE OUT OF MY LIFE! YOU WASHED UP PIECE OF CRAP! YEAH!
    • [Promo from July 24th 2006] What has become of Ric Flair? You see I'm in a state of disbelief because I watched Raw last Monday and found it hard to believe that Ric Flair resorted to calling me fat boy. Fat boy, a name so effective he chose to use it twice and I have to admit the name hurt. Yeah, the name fat boy hurt when my brother used it on me 30 years ago. What has become of Ric Flair? You see it hurts me worse than anything just to see Ric Flair proving to the world, one of the all time great performers in our business, proving to the world that he had the creativity, the originality and the intellect of the average fourth grader. What has become of Ric Flair!? You see I thought I was going on a journey to meet the Great and Powerful Oz! And it turns out instead I see a weak and feeble man operating behind a curtain, digging into a bag of cliches because he's got nothing left to offer! 'To be the man, you've got to beat the man!' 'I'm a 16-time world champion!' 'All night long!' blah blah blah. You make me sick Ric! What has become of you!? You've reduced yourself to being a second rate circus side show, falling on thumbtacks on an ECW show, all in vain attempt to lure me back into the ring! It's not gonna work! What part of no did you not understand? I won't fight you here, there, or anywhere. What has become of you Ric Flair? Because now not only are you a second rate freak show, but you've resorted to attacking innocent, beautiful defenseless women. And even worse Ric Flair the woman you chose to attack was a friend of mine! Which mean I'll be coming to New Jersey, Ric Flair, but I won't be coming to wrestle, but I will be coming to look you in the ring face to face and air our differences in a very public venue. And I swear to your Ric, you leave the cliches at home and you bring your heart and your mind or I will swat you away and embarrass you in front on national TV, you washed up piece of crap! I'll see you next Monday on Raw! Yeah!
    • YEAH! (and then a thumbs up)
    • Isn't it ironic Vince, that 7 months ago I was in this ring kissing your ass. Now, 7 months later you're in the same very ring kissing mine.
    • How about giving me my old job back!
    • I'm a special guest referee for a special rib eating contest between Charles Barkley, and the Pheonix Gorilla, at my friend's restranat, right here in Pheonix, AZ!
    • mick foley

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