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miguel de unamuno Quotes

Miguel de Unamuno Quotes

Birth Date: 1864-09-29 (Thursday, September 29th, 1864)



    • The devil is an angel too.
    • There are pretenses which are very sincere, and marriage is their school.
    • Use harms and even destroys beauty. The noblest function of an object is to be contemplated.
    • Isolation is the worst possible counselor.
    • Every peasant has a lawyer inside of him, just as every lawyer, no matter how urbane he may be, carries a peasant within himself.
    • It is sad not to be loved, but it is much sadder not to be able to love.
    • These terrible sociologists, who are the astrologers and alchemists of our twentieth century.
    • Faith which does not doubt is dead faith.
    • We never know, believe me, when we have succeeded best.
    • The man of flesh and bone; the man who is born, suffers, and dies-above all, who dies; the man who eats and drinks and plays and sleeps and thinks and wills; the man who is seen and heard; the brother, the real brother.
    • Man is said to be a reasoning animal. I do not know why he has not been defined as an affective or feeling animal. Perhaps that which differentiates him from other animals is feeling rather than reason. More often I have seen a cat reason than laugh or weep. Perhaps it weeps or laughs inwardly - but then perhaps, also inwardly, the crab resolves equations of the second degree.
    • Consciousness is a disease.
    • Everything vital is, not only irrational, but anti-rational, and everything rational is anti-vital.
    • Pantheism is said... to be merely atheism in disguise.
    • Science is a cemetery of dead ideas, even though life may issue from them.
    • La verdadera ciencia ensena, por encima de todo, a dudar y a ser ignorante.
    • True science teaches, above all, to doubt and be ignorant.
    • To believe in God is to yearn for His existence and, furthermore, it is to act as if He did exist.
    • Martyrs create faith, faith does not create martyrs.
    • To fall into a habit is to begin to cease to be.
    • The intellectual world is divided into two classes - dilettantes, on the one hand, and pedants, on the other.
    • Warmth, warmth, more warmth! for we are dying of cold and not of darkness. It is not the night that kills, but the frost.
    • And killing time is perhaps the essence of comedy, just as the essence of tragedy is killing eternity.
    • I would say that teleology is theology, and that God is not a 'because,' but rather an 'in order to.'
    • Let us go on committing suicide by working among our people, and let them dream life just as the lake dreams the sky.
    • One of those leaders of what they call the social revolution has said that religion is the opiate of the people. Opium...opium...opium, yes. Let us give them opium so that they can sleep and dream.
    • Besos que vienen riendo, luego llorando se van, y en ellos se va la vida, que nunca mas volvera.
    • Contra los valores afectivos no valen razones, porque las razones no son nada mas que razones, es decir, ni siquiera verdad.
    • Creo en Dios porque creo a Dios.
    • El modo de dar una vez en el clavo es dar cien veces en la herradura.
    • Existe gente que esta tan llena de sentido comun que no le queda el mas pequeno rincon para el sentido propio.
    • La envidia es mil veces mas terrible que el hambre, porque es hambre espiritual.
    • La filosofia responde a la necesidad de hacernos una concepcion unitaria y total del mundo y de la vida.
    • Lo sabe todo, absolutamente todo. Figurense lo tonto que sera.
    • Procuremos mas ser padres de nuestro porvenir que hijos de nuestro pasado.
    • Tu desconfianza me inquieta y tu silencio me ofende.
    • Vencereis pero no convencereis.
    • ?Que inventen ellos!
    • If a person never contradicts himself, it must be that he says nothing.
    • miguel de unamuno

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