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paul eluard Quotes

Paul Eluard Quotes

Birth Date: 1895-12-14 (Saturday, December 14th, 1895)
Date of Death: 1952-11-18 (Tuesday, November 18th, 1952)



    • A woman is more beautiful than the world in which I live; and so I close my eyes.
    • Elephants are contagious.
    • Farewell sadness good day sadness you are inscribed in the lines of the ceiling.
    • His fables so brutally imposed, sweated by heart. Their morality is a prison which I don't want to penetrate anymore.
    • Hope raises no dust.
    • Earth is blue like an orange.
    • The role of the artist is to teach us to see..and to show us the way from the letter to the spirit.
    • There is another world and it is in this one.
    • Make the sure one laugh, was she in stone? She will melt.
    • paul eluard

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