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tom araya Quotes

Tom Araya Quotes

Birth Date: 1961-06-06 (Tuesday, June 6th, 1961)



    • Sometimes. Sometimes when I've gone out and murdered somebody I go and confess and stuff. And then God loves me again.
    • They shouldn't even be considered. I don't know, man, they got a couple of hit songs, a catchy groove, great beat, I give them a 0.
    • No wonder I never have any money. We're going to be banned from playing New York, thanks to you fucking assholes.
    • I have nightmares about Metallica.
    • This is pretty cool
    • It's going to be brutal!
    • Yes... VIOLENCE!
    • Fuck man, I'm louder than you are without the mic
    • God... God doesn't hate, man. It's a great fuckin' title!
    • Regardless of whatever fucking religion you believe in, everybody knows that there are wrong things. Everyone knows there are things you do not do. And the people who don't understand that are just not connected with themselves spiritually.
    • I hate everyone equally.
    • tom araya

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