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wilhelm mohnke Quotes

Wilhelm Mohnke Quotes

Date of Death: 2001-08-06 (Monday, August 6th, 2001)



    • During my imprisonment in the Soviet Union, I often heard of an imprisoned Swedish diplomat who had been active in Budapest. The Russian authorities were said to have accused him of espionage for the Germans.
    • The battle will decide whether Germany is to live or die. Your soldiers must fight hard and ruthlessly. There must be no pity. The enemy must be beaten, now or never. Thus will live our Germany! Forward to and over the Meuse!
    • We haven't quite accomplished what we intended to do in 1933, my Fuhrer.
    • SS Colonel Wilhelm Mohnke was reportedly involved in more than one atrocity. A quick-tempered and harsh man - even toward other SS - he was generally disliked, even by his comrades. On June 11, he interrogated three Canadian prisoners and, after shouting at them and gesturing in anger, had them taken to the edge of a deep bomb crater and shot.
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