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neil young Quotes

Neil Young Quotes

Birth Date: 1945-11-12 (Monday, November 12th, 1945)



    • 'Where the eagle glides ascending / There's an ancient river bending / Through the timeless gorge of changes / Where sleeplessness awaits' - ''Thrasher' (Rust Never Sleeps, 1978)
    • 'Old man, look at my life, 24 and there's so much more, live alone in a paradise that makes me think of 2.' Old Man
    • 'What is the color when black is burned?' - 'I Am a Child'
    • 'If you guarantee the postage, I'll mail you back the key.' - 'The Last Trip to Tulsa'
    • 'I guess I'll call it sickness gone' - 'Ambulance Blues', referring to the drug related death of bandmate Danny Whitten
    • 'I have seen you in the movies, and in those magazines at night. I saw you on the barstool, when you held that glass so tight.' - 'Barstool Blues'
    • 'Well, I see you give more than I can take / Will I only harvest some? / As the days fly past will we lose our grasp / Or fuse it in the sun? / Did she wake you up to tell you that / It was only a change of plan? /Dream up, dream up, let me fill your cup / With the promise of a man.' - 'Harvest'
    • 'I never believed in much, but I believed in you.' - 'From Hank to Hendrix'
    • 'The same thing that makes you live can kill you in the end.' - 'From Hank to Hendrix'
    • 'It's better to burn out than to fade away.' - 'My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)', quoted by Kurt Cobain in his suicide note.
    • 'Shelter me from the powder and the finger / Cover me with the thought that pulled the trigger.' - 'Powderfinger'
    • 'There is a town in north Ontario / With dream comfort memory to spare / And in my mind, I still need a place to go / All my changes were there.' - 'Helpless'
    • 'In my little box / At the top of the stair / With my Indian rug / And a pipe to share.' - 'Pocahontas'
    • 'A sparkle was in his eye, but his life was in his hand' - 'Tonights the Night'
    • 'It's a cold bowl of chili when love lets you down' - 'Saddle Up the Palomino'
    • 'Need distraction / Need romance and candlelight / Need random violence / Need entertainment tonight / Need the evidence / Want the testimony of / Expert witnesses / On the brutal crimes of love' - 'I'm the Ocean'
    • 'The economy was getting so bad, I had to lay myself off.' - Old Ways (1986)
    • 'And we'll be watching you / No matter what you do / And you can do your part / By watchin' others too.' - 'Leave the Driving'
    • 'You're all just pissin' in the wind / You don't know it but you are.' - 'Ambulance Blues'
    • 'Don't feel like Satan but I am to them.' - 'Rockin' in the Free World'
    • 'We got a thousand points of light for the homeless man, we got a kinder, gentler machine gun hand.' - 'Rockin' in the Free World'
    • 'Welfare mothers make better lovers.' - 'Welfare Mothers'
    • 'Live music is better! Bumper stickers should be issued!' - 'Union Man'
    • 'Southern man better keep your head, don't forget what your good book said.' - 'Southern Man'
    • 'Man, that's my style!' -- When asked by the producer of 'Tears Are Not Enough' (the Canadian counterpart to 'We Are The World') to sing his line again because it sounded 'a little flat'.
    • 'You gotta keep changing. Shirts, old ladies, whatever.'
    • 'It's all one song.' -- Replying to a man in the audience, who said 'It all sounds the same!'
    • 'Smell the horse on this one <sniff><sniff>' -- While performing with Crazy Horse
    • 'Getting sued by your record company for making 'uncommercial records' after twenty years in the business, that's even better than receiving a Grammy' -- After Geffen Records had accused him of making 'albums impossible to promote'.
    • 'Heart of Gold put me in the middle of the road. Travelling there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch. A rougher ride, but I saw more interesting people there.' -- Expressing his disdain for the fame that he received from his song Heart of Gold
    • 'I can't play that without the band... Don't worry, I came prepared. This is a big gig for me.' -- Replying to a request from the audience during a February 27, 1971 solo show at Royal Festival Hall, London.
    • 'As soon as you start talking about mystique, you have none.' -- Interview for Rolling Stone magazine.
    • 'I am Stephen Stills.' -- Replying to a audience member who yelled for his fellow CSNY member at a show in 1978.
    • 'Shut up white boy!' -- Replying to a loud heckler at United Palace Theatre in New York City, December 18, 2007.
    • 'You better see a doctor.' -- Replying to a fan who said 'Neil Young makes the pain go away' at United Palace Theatre in New York City, December 18, 2007.
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