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nick drake Quotes

Nick Drake Quotes

Birth Date: 1948-06-19 (Saturday, June 19th, 1948)
Date of Death: 1974-11-25 (Monday, November 25th, 1974)



    • Saw it written and i saw it say Pink moon is on its way And none of you stand so tall Pink moon's gonna get ye all.
    • Fame is but a fruit tree- so very unsound. It can never flourish 'till its stock is in the ground.
    • Please give me a second grace
    • I just need your star for a day.
    • And I was strong, strong in the sun I thought I'd see when day is done. Now I'm weaker than the palest blue Oh, so weak in the need for you.
    • I can't cope, all the defenses are gone. All the nerves are exposed.
    • I can't think of words. I feel no emotion about anything. I don't want to laugh or cry. I'm numb-dead inside.
    • [Public school is a place] where the sensitive experience a horrified dissociation from reality that can sometimes never fade away.
    • You remember me. You remember me how I was. Tell me how I was. I used to have a brain. I used to be somebody. What happened to me? What happened to me?
    • Sheila Wood: If you're so unhappy Nick, why haven't you killed yourself? Drake: It's too cowardly, and besides, I don't have the courage.
    • nick drake

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